Member Section Hosts OASIS Blue Connect Conference, 25 & 27 May in Santa Clara, CA

The OASIS Blue Member Section operated from Oct 2009 until Sept 2012. OASIS Technical Committees affiliated with the Blue Member Section remain active and the archives of this work are publicly accessible. Information on this web site is preserved for legacy purposes only.

OASIS Blue Connect 2010, held as part of the annual ConnectivityWeek
event, brings together a variety of open standards projects related to
security, energy, intelligent buildings, and natural resources.
Attending this event will provide you with an understand of how to
leverage the innovation of existing electronic commerce standards and
the power of the Internet to achieve meaningful sustainability.

ConnectivityWeek is a collection of co-located events that includes
over 120 discussion & education sessions with more than 250
speakers and an exposition of relevant technologies.