The OASIS Blue Member Section operated from Oct 2009 until Sept 2012. OASIS Technical Committees affiliated with the Blue Member Section remain active and the archives of this work are publicly accessible. Information on this web site is preserved for legacy purposes only.

The OASIS Blue Member Section oversees the work of these OASIS Technical Committees:

  • Energy Interoperation
    Enabling the collaborative and transactive use of energy, this TC's work is based on OpenADR,  with an enterprise focus for easy application to and from microgrids, within facilities and business enterprises, and from aggregators to clients.
  • Energy Market Information Exchange (eMIX)
    Supporting more efficient markets, this TC defines open standards for exchanging energy price and product characteristics--including availability and schedules--to support the free and effective exchange of information.
  • Web Services Calendar (WS-Calendar)
    Defining a cross-domain standard for passing schedule and interval information between and within services, this TC applies the common scheduling model in IETF's iCalendar specification with needed semantics for energy and building use.

New Committees

OASIS Blue is open to ideas for forming new Committees in this arena. Contact us for more information.